Olive Oil Sprayer


  • Transparent and double scale design: With transparent design, this oil dispenser is convenient to know the status and the amount of oil, easy to recognize the seasoning(oil/vinegar/sauce) quickly. Our two scale design can help you master oil usage in reference to different food cooking methods.
  • How to use: Get better spray ffect, we recommend to pour water into the bottle to spray before using the sprayer. Due to the high viscosity of the oil, the dry environment inside the sprayer will affect the spray effect. First perform a spray test with water to make the inside of the sprayer wet enough, and then use the oil, the spray effect will be better.
  • Value package: 2 sprayers + 2 mini funnels , the funnel of the sprayer can facilitate you to inject oil into our olive oil sprayer. The olive oil sprayer has an oil quantity display that allows you to control less oil intake and make our body healthier.
  • Wide Application: This reusable olive oil spray dispenser is a perfect kitchen helper. Fill in this olive oil sprayer with all kinds of seasoning, such as sunflower oil,avocado oil, vinegar,wine, soy sauce, juice etc. And widely used for BBQ, salad making, cooking, baking, roasting, frying etc.
  • Easy to use: The oil sprayer dispenser is of 100ml capacity,simply click upon the pressure pump to spray a fine mist. As the density of the oil is different from the water, the oil’ s performance may not so good as the water when it is sprayed, we suggest you can put the sprayer more higher a little when you use olive oil, keep the bottle staying vertical as possible to get better shaped mist.




  • To ensure a fine mist, don’t fill it too much oil and press the button forcefully all the way down
  • Don’t put impurities liquid in it to avoid sprayer nozzle blocked
  • As the oil is easy to solidify(especially winter), It may clogged the tip, cause the sprayer spray a stream.If so, Just run the nozzle under warm water for a few seconds It will return to normal.



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